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* Review * VANISHED by Anna J. Stewart

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * VANISHED by Anna J. StewartVanished by Anna J. Stewart
Series: Circle of the Red Lily #2
Published by CAEZIK Romance on November 21, 2023
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She'll risk everything to expose the truth.

Since her twin sister Sylvie's disappearance seven years ago, single mother Mabel Reynolds has turned grief into action and become a strong voice for victims of violence and abuse.

When new revelations shed light on what may have happened not only to Sylvie, but dozens of other women, Mabel's hope for answers is reignited. But the new oh-so-charming DA overseeing the investigation seems more interested in a quick rather than an accurate resolution.

With little faith in the system, Mabel isn’t about to stay quiet, not when she’s finally close to the truth. She’s willing to go up against anyone—even a smug, irritating, attractive DA to get the answers she and other families deserve.

Open and shut.

That's what Assistant DA Paul Flynn has been told about his new assignment supervising a house of horrors case. With a high-profile conviction at stake, Paul can’t afford to make a wrong move if his professional goals are to be achieved.

But Mabel Reynolds has his attention. All of it. Attraction aside, the woman knows far more than what’s in the official files which makes her something even more intriguing. But using Mabel as an asset means exposing her and her young daughter to even more danger. Danger that is closing in on them from every
side. As even darker forces appear, and their lives are threatened, Paul is faced with risking not only his entire career, but also the one thing he never anticipated losing: his heart.


The highly anticipated follow up to EXPOSED! Anna J. Stewart opened the door to a very complex and diabolical world with the first book in her Circle of the Red Lily series and anyone who enjoyed it was looking forward to the follow up. I can state that it did NOT disappoint … however … this book is very intense and interwoven with the first book so deeply that it’s simply not a stand alone. I am an avid reader/reviewer and I myself had to put it down after the first chapter and go back and reread the first one (which I never do) because of the level of mystique that alludes to happenings from the first book but isn’t elaborated on. Once caught up on that first book and all of the events, it was easier to let this story carry me into the heart of the case again. I very highly recommend that you read this series in order and close together.

The plot of this story is centered around a group of missing women, and one sister in particular that has been living her life simply to find her sister for almost a decade now. She’s closely connected to Riley from the first book in the series so we get a reunion with the cast from last time and they further endear themselves into our heart. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and the characters and am looking forward to more to come in the series … I just really hope it’s easier to pick up as a stand alone next time with a little more detail fleshed out to catch the reader up on what has happened previously without requiring a full re-read.



I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * RANCHER UNDER THE MISTLETOE by Joanne RockRancher Under the Mistletoe by Joanne Rock
Series: Kingsland Ranch #4
Published by Harlequin Desire on November 28, 2023
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He left the past behind…but the passion was never truly gone.

Clayton “Clay” Reynolds is only staying at Kingsland Ranch through the holidays. Despite his half brothers' acceptance, bitter memories make him feel like an outcast. But seeing the love he left behind, veterinarian Hope Alvarez, has stirred up more memories—like the searing desire she ignited in him…and the letter telling him they were through.

The aching hunger Clay and Hope both feel is as potent as ever. But neither is willing to trust the other until Clay discovers his past choices were not what they seemed…


A fitting reunion as the final black sheep returns home to Kingsland Ranch! Joanne Rock brings the last brother home in this fast paced journey of healing and acceptance. I wanted a little more from the brother reunion, but the reconnection between Clay and Hope was spot on. I really enjoyed this series as a whole and loved the way Rock wove drama into romance and family love to make for a scintillating series with heartwarming characters and attention grabbing passion.

I recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone that enjoys a family burdened with rift that has to be overcome as each brother finds their forever love and heals their heart.