* Blog Tour/Review * THE REBEL by Jennifer Bernard

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Blog Tour/Review * THE REBEL by Jennifer BernardThe Rebel by Jennifer Bernard
Series: The Rockwell Legacy #1
on September 4, 2018
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Every family has its secrets… and its rebel.

Deep in the Cascade mountains, the Rockwell family has been running historic Rocky Peak Lodge for generations. But now, that legacy is at risk of disappearing forever.

Kai, always the rebel, would rather risk his life as a rescue paramedic than deal with his impossibly stubborn father, “Mad Max” Rockwell. Only one thing could bring him home—a real threat to his family. Especially in the form of a beautiful woman.

Nurse Nicole Davidson never pictured herself as a spy. All she wants is security for her disabled sister. Get some inside intel for a friend’s investment group while working for surly Max? She can do that. Until the outrageously sexy Kai Rockwell shows up and sets everything on fire—most especially her.

Equally determined, equally passionate about protecting their families, Kai and Nicole don’t know if they should be enemies or lovers—or both. All they know is they can’t resist each other…no matter the price.


The prodigal son returns … and sparks fly! With the first book in a new series, Jennifer Bernard brings us the story of a family who has had a ski lodge in their family for several generations, and as their father gets older, the need for one of the kids to step up and take over some of the day to day duties is approaching. The family is ripe with hidden secrets and confrontational avoidance, so watching the dynamics unravel is really moving. The characters comprising the family were quick to draw me in, and I’m looking forward to their future stories.

Rescue paramedic Kai Rockwell fled the combustible life under his father’s roof many years ago and swore he’d never go back. He’s kept that promise to himself, but receiving news from home makes him second guess decisions he made as an impassioned hot head and go home to check on his dad. He finds a sexy young nurse in residence and can’t figure out if she’s on the up and up or if she’s trying to fleece his father.

Nicole Davidson will do just about anything to be able to keep caring for her handicapped sister, so when she’s faced with the opportunity to take a home health nurse position in the beautiful Cascade Mountains at Rocky Peak Lodge, she is willing to do the little bit of spying it entails to earn a bonus. Once she gets to know and like the Rockwell’s, she starts to second guess her secret mission. Especially once eldest son Kai returns … and instant attraction occurs!






Today we have the blog tour for THE REBEL, book 1 in The Rockwell Legacy, a passionate new series from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard. Grab your copy now!


Author: Jennifer Bernard
Series: The Rockwell Legacy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: September 4


What would you do for love?

Ever the rebel, Kai Rockwell happily risks his life on a daily basis as a rescue paramedic. What he refuses to deal with? His impossibly stubborn father, “Mad Max” Rockwell, who runs the historic Rocky Peak Lodge deep in the Cascade Mountains with an iron fist.

But when his family faces an unexpected threat at Rocky Peak—in the form of a beautiful woman—Kai knows it’s time to go home.

Fiercely protective nurse Nicole Davidson would do almost anything to take care of her disabled sister–even accept a hefty offer to ask a few harmless questions at the charming old lodge where she’s working. Until the outrageously sexy Kai Rockwell shows up and sets everything on fire—most especially her.

Equally determined, equally passionate about protecting their families, Kai and Nicole don’t know if they should be enemies or lovers—or both. All they know is they can’t resist each other…no matter the price.

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“Want to know why we broke up?” she burst out, unable to listen to another second of his veiled accusations.


“Because he wouldn’t accept my sister. He kicked her out of the house and didn’t care how much that hurt her. When she hurts, I hurt twice as much. Ten times.” Her words were stumbling over themselves in her passion. The harsh look on his face had vanished, and he was listening with complete and close attention.

“He only wanted me for arm-candy, that’s all. He thought I’d be happy he bothered with me, a complete nobody with a sister in a wheelchair, always scrambling between paychecks, working two jobs, sometimes three—”

“I’m sorry.” He reached out and caught her against him. Her breath caught in a hiccup of shock.

“I could have stayed, if I didn’t care about my sister, and I’d already signed his stupid prenup anyway, if that’s what you’re so worried—”

A grimace flashed across his face. Then, in the next second, her face was in his hands and…oh my God…he was kissing her. As if to stop her words, soothe her pain…or his…

And she opened up to him like a flower desperate for rain. All her hot emotion poured out of her.  

His kiss was every bit as tumultuous as she’d imagined. His firm lips moved against hers, his tongue swept across the sensitive inner flesh of her mouth, spreading wild tingles everywhere it touched. He took command of her mouth, exploring and claiming at the same time.

Her body went boneless against him. His hand gripped the small of her back, keeping her upright against the onslaught of sensation. She melted against him, nipples peaking against his chest, hot desire liquefying between her legs. Pressing close, she felt the hard bulge behind his jeans.

So he felt it too, this wild attraction.

But he’d just accused her of being a fortune hunter.  

Screw him.

She pulled away from Kai and covered her mouth with her hand. He looked just as rattled as she felt. His hair was rumpled and he was trying to catch his breath.

“Sorry,” he muttered again.

“You might need to narrow it down a little,” she snapped. “Sorry for accusing me or sorry for kissing me?”

He put his hands on his head and turned away from her. “Fuck. I don’t know anymore. Both. Neither.” He spun around to face her. “I wasn’t accusing you.”

“It sure felt like it.”

“Then I’m sorry.” He dropped his arms back to his sides, causing her heart to leap into her throat again. The air hummed between them. Somewhere outside, a guest shouted something and a car started up. “As for kissing you, I guess I’m not as sorry as I should be.”


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Jennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “an irresistible reading experience” full of “quick wit and sizzling love scenes.” A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life in Los Angeles for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She still hasn’t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea. No stranger to book success, she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name that she’s happy to share with the curious.

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