** Book Review ** A DARE WITHOUT REGRET by Wendy S. Marcus

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From tragedy to love in a sweet novella in the Dare to Love Kindle World!  I often feel the story is rushed or feel like something is missing to make me happy when reading a novella length story, but that was not the case with this one by Wendy S. Marcus.  She brought sadness, hope and love to life with her story and I was enthralled.  I’ll have to go back and read Ren’s story too now that I’ve met him! 🙂

Ryan Monighan is an all-star running back for the Miami Thunder football team.  He’s a fan favorite, and he goes out of his way to always give the fans what they want, but when one gal is persistent in asking for something he’s not willing to do, he just keeps saying no.

Kiley Ivers is at the end of her rope!  She’s overwhelmed with trying to handle her bakery on her own and trying to be there 24-7 for her injured nephew, and then there’s the unbearable grief she’s torn apart with over losing her family in a horrible accident recently.  She really needs something to give … and that something is Ryan!

When Ryan finally meets the pest who keeps stopping by to try to get something out of him, he finally hears her story and agrees to try to help her nephew … and if he can get a sexy fling with the hot baker out of it too, all the better!

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