BOOK REVIEW – A Love To Last – Kelsey Browning

A Love To Last


I’m hooked!  This is Book 1 in the Prophecy of Love series, and I already can’t wait to read more.  Great job of weaving a small town chemistry that makes us fall in love with the thought of what has been, and what’s yet to come.  I laughed, I cried, and I wished for the fairy tale kind of love that burns even through years of separation.  Great read!

Cal Maddox walks into his dad’s boot shop and sees the one woman he has never forgotten.  Delaney Shields is only stopping through Prophecy, TX for a quick check on Whit Maddox and never expected to see Cal.  Last she heard, he was traveling the world in the military.  He had no clue his dad had kept in such close contact with Delaney all these years.

Whit is determined to get Delaney to stay in town and take over his boot shop for him.  He told her years ago that she was the next Prophecy bootmaker, and if she won’t stay, the magic ends and the town falls apart.  Delaney doesn’t want to admit that she can see the boots in her mind.  If she does, then she’s locked into settling down, and as she proved when she walked out on Cal all those years ago, she’s not the staying kind.

Will she and Cal admit they still love each other or will she ride off into the sunset again?  Can she ever believe that she’s worth being loved after the past she’s had and let herself actually be happy?

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