BOOK REVIEW – A Very Crimson Christmas – Michelle Major



A sweet second-chance at love!  Enjoyable characters that really have you pulling for them to forgive each other and see what they could have if they would open their hearts to the future.

Liam Donovan has returned to Crimson, CO to visit his childhood nanny Ruth Keller.  He finds out that his high school love, Natalie Holt is Ruth’s live-in nurse, along with her 9 year old son, Austin.

Natalie let fear of the unknown ruin her future with Liam all those years ago.  Now she’s got a no-good ex-husband who’s only good quality was giving her the son she adores.

Will Liam convince Natalie to give them another chance?  And when he learns her secrets, will he still want that future with her?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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