** Book Review ** ALWAYS MY GIRL by Samantha Chase

Always My Girl


In Book 3 of Samantha Chase’s The Shaughnessy Brothers series, she brings us Quinn’s story.  I love this family!  They are always there for each other through thick and thin.  I found it hard to love Quinn quite as much as I did Hugh when I read Book 2, but I still enjoyed the story a lot!

Quinn Shaughnessy has always been sure of himself and what he wants out of life and he enjoys having a good time.  He’s happy for his older brothers that they have found love and seem happy, but it’s not for him!

Anna Hannigan has been best friends with Quinn since they were 5 years old.  They tell each other everything, always have each others backs and have no secrets … well, except that Anna has been in love with him for years!  She finally decides she has wasted too much time life waiting around on him and makes some changes in her life.  Quinn isn’t happy to see Anna distancing herself or changing how she dresses, and he hates the possibility of her dating someone even less!

Happenstance gets them to take a chance on each other and become more than friends, but will they be able to make it last despite their differences?

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