BOOK REVIEW – Beauty and the Boss – Diane Alberts

Beauty and the Boss


A sexy, yet sweet read that makes you believe there’s someone out there for everyone just waiting to be found!

Maggie Donovan is Head Researcher at Gale Incorporated, and secretly lusts after her boss.

Benjamin Gale III didn’t earn the nickname of “The Beast” from his employees for no reason.  He’s a cold, hard-nosed workaholic.  That doesn’t stop him from noticing Maggie though.

When caught in a compromising position, Maggie defends Benjamin by telling his mother they have been dating since before she came to work there a few months ago, and are now engaged.  Benjamin plays along, and later they come up with an agreement to keep up the charade for awhile.

Will they part ways after they portray the image they wanted to achieve, or will they actually start to have feelings for each other?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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