BOOK REVIEW – Blurring the Lines – Marisa Cleveland

Blurring the Lines


A nice read about resisting temptation … or not! ๐Ÿ™‚

Blake Whitman, Real Estate Developer/CEO meets Kira Layton when she and a pack of dogs run into him on the street. ย He’s quite taken with her and hopes he runs into her again.

Kira is into helping a lot of causes. ย When she finds out who Blake is, she’s interested in talking to him about saving a building that’s about to be torn down to redevelop that meant a lot to her Mom over the years. ย Blake convinces her to become his Secretary in exchange for funding some of her favorite projects, and trying to help her historic building be saved. ย As they work together, they become closer and start a relationship. ย Will they last when a few secrets come to light?

** ย Received free in exchange for an honest review ย **

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