** Book Review ** BOTTOM OF THE NINTH by Jami Davenport



You’re no stranger to the Wolfe brothers if you’re a fan of Jami Davenports sports romances, and now it’s the elusive Zeke turn!  Great characters and descriptions sweep us up into the story from the start of Chapter One, and don’t let us go until the final page!  Lots of emotions come to the surface along the way … sadness, empathy, and finally a huge swell of joy!

Newly traded to the Seattle Skookums, pro baseball player Zeke Wolfe is not happy at all to be in the same town as the two brothers he wrote off years ago.  He arrives into town in a bad mood, and on the way to his new house, his mood doesn’t improve much as the conscience that still lives beneath his fake demeanor forces him to stop and rescue a stranded woman and three kids along the side of the road.

Paisley Madison is in dire straights with her nieces and nephew, so when this handsome ball player is suddenly in front of her offering help … even if begrudgingly! … she can’t kick a gift horse in the mouth!  She buries her worries and puts on a bright face and hires herself on as his assistant!

Neither of them wants to feel the instant attraction to each other that they do, and at first they try to fight it … but eventually, it’s easier just to give in.  Can this ready-made-family actually turn into the real thing, or will their ugly pasts come back to haunt them before all is said and done?

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  1. Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you enjoyed Zeke, Paisley, and the kids.

    • Always a pleasure to delve into your world of sports Jami! Your characters always manage to wrap themselves around my heart. 🙂

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