** Book Review ** BOUGHT BY HER ITALIAN BOSS by Dani Collins

Bought by Her Italian Boss


An action packed plot filled with a shocking scandal, a hot love affair, and a sexy, rich man having to be shown the way to happily ever after!

From the first page we are captivated by a brewing scandal involving compromising photos of Gwyn Ellis that are threatening her reputation as well as her job at Donatelli International Bank!

Vittorio Donatelli will do anything to save his family’s company reputation … including making Gwyn his mistress to cover up her alleged part in the scandal.

Once the truth comes out and Gwyn’s name is cleared, the subterfuge could be up … but they are enjoying each other’s company too much!  Will Vito be able to put aside his lifelong fears to actually make a future with Gwyn, or will he push her away before he fully breaks her heart?

ARC received via Author/VA


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