** Book Review ** BOUND TO THE BOUNTY HUNTER by Hayson Manning

Bound To the Bounty Hunter


A little slow … but in the end, I enjoyed it!

Bounty hunter and security expert Harlan Franco is used to being in control, but when his secret assignment puts him in up close contact with his difficult rival, all bets are off!  She lives to drive him crazy, and he has to admit, he’s enjoying it!

Sophie Callaghan is a private investigator that enjoys getting to push Harlan’s buttons after some of the pranks he’s pulled on her.  She doesn’t know that he’s being paid to protect her, but after awhile it becomes too hard to not notice that there is danger around her a little too often.  When secrets are exposed, will Harlan be able to keep her safe during the fallout?

ARC received via Author/VA

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