** Book Review ** CHRISTMAS ON POINTE by Samantha Chase



Sweet story about going after your dream and living life to it’s fullest!

Abby Foster loves living in Silver Bell Falls and teaching ballet at the community center, but she also has big dreams that she is on the verge of seeing come true!  She wants to have her own dance studio to teach all types of dance, and with the help of the wonderful community she lives in, it looks like she’s going to get to live that dream!

Dean Hughes has been living his life on the sidelines for most of his life.  Family dynamics made him keep to himself and avoid the world as much as possible.  Now he’s a virtual recluse, but that’s all about to chance when circumstances make him the new guardian to his adorable 5 year old niece!

Abby has been crushing on Dean for over a year now, and adding an adorable little girl into the mix is too hard to resist.  She steps up to offer her assistance in helping to ease this cutie into his world.  Will all of their dreams coincide into a happy ending for them all?

ARC received via the Author

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