BOOK REVIEW – Controlled Burn – Shannon Stacey



This was a fun book to read.  You have a sweet guy, protective of his elderly landlords who is suspicious of the granddaughter he never knew existed suddenly showing up.   There’s sexy flirting and hot sex, and then there’s the heartwarming side of watching Jess and her grandparents embrace knowing each other.


Boston firefighter Rick Gullotti lives upstairs in the Broussard house.  Joe & Marie are like family to him, so when he gets a message that Joe has fallen and they are at the hospital, he rushes over to check in on them.

Jessica Broussard receives a message for her father, David, from a Doctor in Boston about her grandfather.  Her Dad isn’t in the office right now, so she decides to fly to Boston to check on the grandparents she has never met and get them situated in an assisted living facility.

Jessica and her grandparents enjoy getting to know each other, and when it’s time to go back to San Diego, she’s sad to leave them.  She also doesn’t want to walk away from whatever it is she and Rick have been sharing as they spent time together over the last few weeks.  Will they find a way to make a long distance thing work?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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