** Book Review ** CUFF ME by Lauren Layne



I loved my return trip to visit the Moretti family!  They are such a fun, loving group of people and they always make me smile with their crazy antics and interactions with each other.

This time we’re centering around Vincent Moretti.  He’s a tough guy cop who basically keeps to himself, rarely shares feelings or shows emotions.  He’s been partnered with Jill Henley, his fellow homicide detective, for 6 years now.  Everyone loves Jill.  She’s chipper, charming & always smiling and is an extended member of his big family and best friends with his sister Elena.  He gets pestered by his family all the time about how he should be dating her.

After facing some time without her by his side while she was on leave for a bit, he’s tending to agree with them, but doesn’t know how to be anything but his surly self.  He can’t wait for Jill to get back … but he’s taken aback to hear she’s met a guy while she was away, and it’s serious!

Will Vin get his act together in time to get his chance with Jill, or will he spend too much time second guessing it and lose her for good?

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