BOOK REVIEW – Damage Control – Jess Anastasi

Damage Control


I’m not generally much into sci-fi, but the description hooked me, so I gave it a try.  I must admit, I really enjoyed it!  I didn’t wind up putting it down until 4AM when I turned the final page.  Lots of intrigue & action with some hot sex thrown in to boot!

Leigh Alphin is the Captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valient Knox.  He’s worked hard to achieve all that he has and is considered a legend to new recruits.  When the enemy opens fire on an unarmed transport bringing in the new recruits, he rushes to help and risks himself to get the people on board rescued.  In the smoke filled transport, he stumbles across Recruit Mia Wolfe who is trying to get help for her unconscious friend Penny.  Leigh helps them get out and to the medical team.

After the chaos is all handled and calmness has restored, Leigh finds himself heading to the med level to check on how the recruits are doing … especially Mia.  They share a moment when he goes to her exam area, and he lets his guard down as he comforts her.  The next day, he discovers Mia has been assigned to his unit and he’s not happy about the close moment they had shared the day before, or about the attraction he feels pulling him to her every time he sees her.

Mia and her hacking ability ends up helping Leigh a great deal to try to track down who in his unit and on board the battleship is working for the enemy.  Their time together brings them closer and closer and they eventually give in to the passion that they can’t get off their minds when they are around each other.  Will their secret get out and cost him his job?  Will she be thrown out of the program?  And when danger strikes, will they be able to track down the enemy fast enough to keep everyone safe?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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