** Book Review ** DEADLY ODDS by Adrienne Giordano

Deadly Odds


Great new book by Adrienne Giordano centering around the Vegas casino world!  The story and characters draw you into their story quickly and you keep devouring page after page to see what’s going to happen.  Lots of excitement and a sexy romance … and the interactions between some of the characters has you chuckling out loud every so often!

Former FBI Special Agent Kate Daniels is now a Consultant working with casinos to catch cheaters.  She’s been hired by one of Vegas’s biggest names to come into his newest casino and give him feedback on how his well his security is set up to protect his interests.  She doesn’t expect to run into shady dealings and danger right off the bat!

Ross Cooper has been with the company for years and is a top notch VP of operations there at the casino.  He’s got an eye for the ladies, and runs into Kate on the casino floor even before he realizes she’s working there.  Will the chemistry between them be an issue in them doing their jobs?

Several unusual happenings catch their attention quickly and they set out to find out who is up to no good while trying to stay safe themselves!

ARC received via Author

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