** Book Review ** DEMETRIOU DEMANDS HIS CHILD by Kate Hewitt

Demetriou Demands His Child


A big part of this book is secrets and lies keeping them apart, so the amount of time we have seeing their romance is not as much as we might want.  I enjoyed the story, I just wanted a little more time of them actually enjoying each other.

Iolanthe Petrakis was an innocent, sheltered young lady the night she met and seduced Alekos Demetriou.  She had no clue that the man she was having a night of passion with had a history with her father.  When Alekos finds out that this beauty in his arms is his enemy’s daughter, he sends her away without an explanation.

When Iolanthe discovers she’s pregnant, she attempts to tell Alekos, but he thinks she was all a set up pawn and doesn’t treat her well when she visits him.  She’s scared and doesn’t manage to get out the words that she’s pregnant.

Ten years later when Iolanthe is now alone in the world other than their son, she needs help … Alekos’ help.  To get him to agree to what she needs, she’s going to have to tell him about their son. What she doesn’t expect, is his demand that she marry him right away!

ARC received via the Author/VA

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