** Book Review ** DEVIL’S HONOR by Megan Crane



I’m hooked!  Megan Crane kicks off a new series “The Devil’s Keepers” about a motorcycle club deep in the swamps of Louisiana and we get our first taste with bad boy Greeley, the sexy hot sergeant at arms.  He’s hot, he’s demanding but when it’s Merritt in front of him, he’s real.  Loved their raw connection!

Joseph “Greeley” Shaw swore his life to The Devil’s Keepers at the tender age of 18 when he sought the salvation of a family.  He has never regretted it, nor looked back.  He lives and breathes for his club.  The only other thing that ever touched his heart was the one and only woman he’s ever loved, but she put a knife in his heart when she walked out on him 5 years ago.

Merritt Broussard told herself when she got herself out of the Bayou all those years ago that she’d never be back. For five long years, she kept that promise to herself, but now that she has danger chasing after her, she runs to the only place she’s ever felt safe, and winds up back in Greeley’s arms.

They never forgot each other.  They continued living, they had other connections, but they never let go of the memories of each other.  Now she’s back, in his bed and still in his heart.  When he learns why she’s there, will he protect her or send her back out into the big bad world that she chose over him?

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