BOOK REVIEW – Dirty Little Secrets – Cassie Cross



Mia Briggs is on the run from her home and life in Chicago.  She’s killing time in a bar in Manhattan, when Caleb Simmons walks into her life.

Caleb is a rich guy with his hand in several different businesses around the area.  He sees a drunk guy hassling Mia and comes to her rescue.  There’s an instant connection between them, and after a few interactions with her, he’s hooked.

Mia is hiding the fact that she’s on the run from Caleb.  She doesn’t want him to know she’s broke and has broken the law, so she continues to put off telling him about her past.  Eventually, it catches up with her.  Will Caleb be able to help her get out of trouble?  And after she hasn’t been honest with him about anything, will he still want a future with her?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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