** Book Review ** EXPLOSIVE FORCES by D.D. Ayres



Who doesn’t love a good firefighter?  And with an adorable pup to boot?  SCORE!

The latest in the K-9 Rescue series from D.D. Ayres is filled with intrigue as we try to figure out who is behind the scene of the crime.  Easy to connect with characters and an explosive plot take us on an exciting journey to finding justice … and possibly true love!

Carly Reese is just about to open the boutique of her dreams when tragedy strikes in the form of a fire in the building.  A barking dog alerts Carly to a problem and she ends up having to free him and his master, sexy fireman Noah Glover from the building.

Noah has no clue what happened and why he was even there.  When signs point to Noah for criminal intent, Carly sets out to find out the truth and help the dog that called to her.  Will they track down the culprit or lead themselves into a set up that they won’t be able to get out of?

ARC received via NetGalley

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