** Book Review ** FEARLESS by Kimberly Kincaid



Sexy, hot firefighters!  In Book 2 of her Rescue Squad series, Kimberly Kincaid brings us Cole Everett’s story.  It was great to see Alex Donovan again from Book 1 and get to see him interact on the job since most of our time with him was outside of work.  Really enjoyed it!

Firefighter Cole Everett’s life is the firehouse .. and all of the men who always have his back.  He’ll do anything for the job … and finally has his eye on his coveted position on the Rescue Squad.  He just has to train a new guy for 6 weeks and the promotion is his!  Imagine his surprise when the new guy is actually the new woman!

Savannah Nelson comes from a legacy of firefighters in her family and it’s all she’s ever wanted to do with her life.  She won’t let anyone stand in her way!  She’s happily surprised that Cole is actually a good guy and willing to give her the chance she deserves to prove herself with hard work and ability.  When the flames heat up inside the house and out, will Cole & Savannah be able to hide a romance from the house?

ARC received via NetGalley

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