BOOK REVIEW – Fire on Ice: The Complete Series – Dakota Madison



Okay, I went into reading this book fairly blind … I liked the guys chest on the cover (hey, I’m honest!), and I liked that it was about a hockey player, but have never read this author, or heard any reviews  —  I so loved it!  I adored Kian from the first page, and Taylor just seemed like such a fit for him that you just had to hope that from the first time he laid eyes on her, that she would give him a chance.  I wish there were a couple more books for me to run out and buy to enjoy more of them.

Kian Kavanagh walks into a bar … no really, he does! … and a short time later, meets the woman of his dreams.  Just their first eye contact across the room knocks him for a loop.

Taylor Thompson is there with a friend just conducting an experiment for her psychology class, she never expects to meet a guy.  And what a guy he is.  Kian plays minor league hockey, and that’s actually a negative immediately in Taylor’s eyes because she’s been hurt by a jock in the past, and swore to never date one again.

Kian convinces her to take his number, and is shocked when she actually calls him.  They casually see each other a few times, and it doesn’t take long for them to realize that they are a great fit.  They are enjoying life when Kian gets called up to the majors and has to move to Seattle.  When Taylor suffers a horrific trauma, will she be able to come back from it? And will Kian be able to be there for her when he’s not even in the state?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **


  1. I agree, the cover would have sold me too!

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