** Book Review ** FULLY COMMITTED by Janie Crouch


4 1/2 STARS!

Another exciting addition to the Omega Sector series!  You’re in suspense the majority of the book to see who the guilty party is.  Great characters!

Jon Hatton is an Omega Sector: Critical Response agent sent to Texas to aid the local police with a serial rapist case.  He’s running on empty for clues on who this guy is and the victims just keep coming.

Sherry Mitchell is a forensic artist with the FBI and she’s currently on vacation in the area to deal with some PTSD issues she’s trying to deal with from the things she’s seen in her couple of years on the job.

Jon finds out that Sherry is in the area and wants her to help them on the case.  She’s hesitant, but eventually she agrees to try.  Will they be able to track down this monster before he rapes again?  And as Jon and Sherry spend hours on end with each other every day, will they decide to act on the attraction they both feel when the other is near?

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