** Book Review ** FULLY IGNITED by Shannon Stacey



Another great edition to the Boston Fire series!  It is always a pleasure seeing the familiar characters again from the previous books, and to get to the heart of the new romance.

Jamie Rutherford is filling in for Lt. Danny Walsh at Engine 59 for a couple of months.  She’s used to fitting in with new companies, and is happy to see the comfortable family type atmosphere at this house.  What she doesn’t expect is the instant attraction to one of her subordinates.

Scott Kincaid has sworn off casual dating because he’s decided he’s tired of the game and is ready to settle down and have a family.  He finds he can’t resist the chemistry he feels with Jamie, even though they know she’s only there short term.

When they give in to temptation, will it cause problems on the job?  And will Scott be able to bank back his overprotectiveness and let Jamie do her job?

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  1. I haven’t gotten started on this series, but I am a fan of Shannon Stacey, so will definitely read this! Thanks for the review!

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