** Book Review ** GAME BREAKER by Catherine Gayle

Game Breaker


Another fun trek with the guys on the Portland Storm NHL team!  I always enjoy seeing these players and their friends and families interact, but I wasn’t drawn in to the romance nearly as much on this one as usual.  I think a bit of it was that they were slow to act on anything other than flirting, but another part was I was less intrigued with what was going to happen because the plot was something that we’re seeing play out in real life every day these days it seems.  I read to escape, so I don’t necessarily need to see it brought into a book.  It was written well though and brought through some good emotion … and who can’t love spending time with this team? 🙂

It’s all about the playoffs this year for the Portland Storm, and they are so close they can taste it!  Nate Golston has worked hard to improve his game and is enjoying the run more than he can say! When fans from an opposing team start stirring up ugliness and trouble, he fights hard to keep the hurt in his heart from screwing up his game play and making him lose his focus on ending this season right!

For a couple of years now, sports reporter Anne Dennison has had quite a flirtmance going with Nate.  They’ve never taken it further than the flirting, but now that she’s working on producing a behind-the-scenes web series on the Storm, they are spending a lot of time together!  If she acts on her feelings for him, it could cost her the job she’s fought through so much to earn … is it worth it?

ARC received via the Author

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