** Book Review ** GOING THE DISTANCE by Jennifer Fusco



Another sexy boxer exploding out of Stamina Gym in Las Vegas!  Mike and Ava are a joy to get to know and you won’t want to miss the scandal that hits the fan just as he’s gearing up for his big fight!

Mike Perez is a middleweight boxer training for a big fight coming up at Madison Square Garden in New York.  He’s a control freak and trains like crazy, so he’s really irritated when his schedule is being messed up to handle interviews with a sports reporter.

Ava Phillips is out for her next big story for the Las Vegas Times, and convinces Mike & his trainer that her making the cross country drive with him from Vegas to NY will be a perfect time for her to get an in depth interview with him.  He’s against it, but doesn’t want to let Dani down with the publicity she needs for the gym.

When they start to give in to their attraction to each other, will there be a future possible for them?  And when Ava’s paper publishes Mike’s secrets, will it be the end of his career?

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