** Book Review ** GOING TO BE YOURS by Samantha Chase


4 1/2 STARS!

With a delve into Erin Nicholas’s Sapphire Falls Kindle World, Samantha Chase brings us this adorable novella about finding long-awaited love!

Will Campbell, a mechanic in Sapphire Falls has been having an exciting experience for three years now.  A woman shows up at every town festival and lays an amazing kiss on him at the kissing booth and then runs off.  Try as he might, he cannot figure out who she is.  No one seems to know her, and when he tries to catch her as she dashes off, something always gets in the way!

When he’s hears there is going to be a Halloween Festival this year, Will decides this is going to be the time that he finally gets to know his mystery woman!

ARC received via the Author

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