** Book Review ** GOOD GIRL by Lauren Layne

Good Girl


I loved the characters, I loved the background of the story, and I laughed out loud a few times at the interaction between them… but over-all, it just was not one of my favs that I’ve read by Lauren.  There just seemed to be some depth missing somewhere there.  I’d still recommend it as a fun read when you want to enjoy a little humor and some fun sex scenes, it’s just not in my top 5 favs by her or anything.

Jenny Dawson is catching her stride in Nashville with her most current album hitting double platinum, when scandal hits and she’s being bombarded by the press.  She decides to get away from it all for awhile and work on writing the songs for her next album in a place she had visited years ago in Louisiana.

Noah Maxwell has lived a sort of combined double life for years now.  He’s been poor and he’s been rich but right now he just wants to get away from his own troubles for awhile. He knows he should tell Jenny who he really is when she mistakes him for the caretaker where she’s staying, but he’s enjoying the simple life for a change.

When she finds out the brooding common guy she’s falling for is actually Preston Noah Maxwell Walcott, an insanely rich guy, will she be able to forgive his deception?

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