** Book Review ** GREEK TYCOON’S MISTLETOE PROPOSAL by Kandy Shepherd



Great story of finding love when you least expect it!  Loved the characters, the plot, and the location!

When Greek billionaire Lukas Christophedes comes home and finds a stranger soaking in his bathtub at his Chelsea townhouse, he’s shocked!  When he finds out it’s his maid taking the liberty of helping herself to his luxuries, he’s furious.  Then it hits him, he needs her to act as his girlfriend to help him a close a crucial business deal.

Newly single Ashleigh Murphy has hit a little rough patch, or she never would have considered squatting in one of her clients houses for a few nights!  She’s mortified that she was caught, and if helping him out with this business deal will make things even without the police or her boss being involved, she’ll do it.

As Christmas approaches and they spend days together preparing for their business obligations, they get to know each other and realize that the other is actually a great person, and they have a lot of fun together … and the spark of attraction, yes, that’s growing stronger every day!

ARC received via the Author/VA


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