** Book Review ** HARD TO HOLD by Katie Rose



A sexy trek into the world of Major League Soccer with Katie Rose!  I really enjoyed this story and the characters, but I didn’t quite feel the passion for the game coming through like I have in the past when reading about her baseball heroes.

New Jersey Hurricanes soccer player Logan Hart is living the good life.  Playing the game he loves, traveling a lot, partying hard and loving lots of women is his standard method of operation. When an ex fling walks up to him at a bar and hands him a baby, he is flabbergasted!  He’s not daddy material!

Isabella Bennett receives the call from nanny company she works for that her services are needed and sets out to whip this single dad into shape!  Her no-nonsense style throws Logan for a loop, but he isn’t willing to rock the boat and have no help, so he agrees to learn.  As this adorable baby and her kind-hearted nanny start to wind themselves around his heart, will he be able to resist them and hold onto that studly reputation of his?

ARC received via NetGalley


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