** Book Review ** HEART BREAKER by Erin McCarthy

Heart Breaker


I liked the characters of this book, and I enjoyed what there was to it, but I wanted more. More background into the lives they hint about growing up with, more depth to their relationship other than just a few days of making up and breaking up, etc.  I would recommend it for a quick fun read at the beach.

Jolene Hart is a singer/songwriter in Nashville who had a very public break-up with her boyfriend a few months ago.  Now her manager is pestering her to get back to work writing the next album … only problem is, her songwriting partner and fellow duo performer is Chase Rivers, her EX!

Chase grew up in the fold of Nashville songwriting and it’s in his blood.  He doesn’t care so much about the getting famous part though.  He’s happy to be behind the scenes pumping the songs out.

When they agree to go away for a week to a secluded to cabin to work on writing together again, it turns into a free-for-all of fighting, then making up, then fighting some more!

ARC received via NetGalley.

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