** Book Review ** HEARTS ON ICE by Christy McKellen



A cute story that finds two unlikely people meeting at an inopportune time and changing their views on love!

Nate Taylor is just looking for a little peace and tranquility when he accidentally messes up his paragliding landing and smashes into Hettie Sampson’s property.  He’s really not in the mood to deal with it right now, but he can’t in good conscious walk away and leave her with damaged property, so he sets out to fix what he busted.

Hettie can’t believe her bad luck of having something threaten her livelihood in such a callous way, and of all things, to find out it’s a cop that did it!  The last thing she needs is him snooping around and discovering her secret!

Neither are looking for a relationship, but when they are snowed in together and the steamy chemistry between them is too much to resist, they set out on what it supposed to be a casual one time thing.  Before all is said and done, they are both thinking about more and missing the other by their side.

Copy received via Author

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