BOOK REVIEW – Her Undercover Defender – Debra Webb/Regan Black

Her Undercover Defender


Full of intrigue!  Definitely keeps you on your toes waiting to see what’s going to happen!  Really enjoyed it!

David Martin, part of a team of elite Specialists, is sent undercover to a Charleston, SC hospital.  Intel shows that a biotech weapon is in danger, that he must protect at all cost.

Terri Barnhart is a nurse at the hospital.  When David meets her, her brother Trey has been missing for 3 months.  He just up and disappeared from college one day.  Terri hasn’t heard a word from him, but David’s team thinks he has been training with a cult of radicals who plan to steal the invention from the hospital and put it in the hands of terrorists.

Will David be able to keep that from happening?  And when he and Terri develop feelings for each other, will that risk the undercover op?  Will there be able to be a future for them?

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