BOOK REVIEW – Hidden Impact – Piper J. Drake

Hidden Impact


Really enjoyed this book!  It’s action packed from the start and only gets more exciting as time goes on.  An easy to follow read with lots of drama, and lots of romance.  I was expecting more badass, tough guy behavior, but I found it impossible not to like them. 🙂

Gabriel Diaz and his team are handling private party security as something to keep them busy and less bored in their down-time while recovering from their latest mission with Centurion Corporation when he’s approached by Maylin Cheng.  He blows her off until later that night when the team witnesses a car attempt to run her over.

Maylin is trying to find someone to help her find her missing sister.  Gabe and his team take her back to their compound with them to try to get some answers.  Military-Veterans-turned-mercenaries, they have a lot of resources at their fingertips with which to help search for details.  They decide to look into her missing sister to see if they can figure out what happened to her, and what the connection is to who just tried to hurt Maylin.

Will they be able to help?  And when Maylin and Gabe start to have feelings for each other, will they be able to figure out a way to have any type of future together?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review  **

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