** Book Review ** HIGH HOPES by Sue Lilley

High Hopes


A fun read!  It’s a fairly serious book, but there are a lot of laughs in it as well when she meets a new friend on her journey to setting things right!

Grace Cavendish is blown away when she’s contacted 20 years later by the daughter she gave up for adoption at birth.  She was a broke college student, and she was conceived during a drunken one night with a good friend who got back together with his girlfriend the next day.  She had never told Sam she even got pregnant that night because she didn’t want to come between he and Dixie.

She travels for a visit with the plan to tell Sam and Dixie the truth about the child, because she’s asking about her birth father, but the longer she’s there, the harder it gets to tell them.  They have some turmoil going on in their life right now, and Grace is also at a changing point in her life, so she’s terrified they will never forgive her and she’ll be without her two best friends.

When life changing things happen on this trip, how will it all play out?  Will Sam and Dixie forgive her, will they forgive each other for the secrets they have held, and what will the future hold for them all?

ARC received via Author/VA

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