** Book Review ** HIS SEDUCTION GAME PLAN by Katherine Garbera

His Seduction Game Plan


In this continuation of the Sons of Privilege series, we get to dig deeper into Hunter’s story.  He intrigued us in the last book when he was such a sweetheart to King’s little boy, and he proves to be just as sexy this time around!  This is a fast read and keeps you intrigued as to whether they will truly find the answers they are looking for.

Hunter Caruthers was falsely accused of murdering his college girlfriend 10 years ago, and is still trying to find the answers as to what happened.  His best friend Kingsley Buchanan was arrested right along side him and they both want to be able to clear their names once and for all and move on with their lives.

Ferrin Gainer is visiting her father to care for him after an illness.  They aren’t close, and she finds it awkward to be there, but when Hunter comes knocking at the door, she’s happy she is!  Hunter wants to talk to Ferrin’s father, who was their coach back in the day to see if he can help clear up some of the events of that night.  He’s willing to woo his daughter however he has to in order to get a look at any possible evidence.

When it suddenly becomes more than just wanting answers, will Hunter be able to move forward with a future with Ferrin even if he can’t settle the past?


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