BOOK REVIEW – His Texas Christmas Bride – Nancy Robards Thompson

His Texas Christmas Bride


It wasn’t in her lifelong plan to be virtual strangers with the man she just found out she’s pregnant with twins with, but Becca Flannigan can’t make herself regret it either.  Who knew the one and only time in life she had a one night stand with a hot doctor, THIS would happen.

At the hospital with family one night, Becca meets Nick Ciotti, then runs into him again at a restaurant later that night and spends the night with him.  Three months later, she stumbles across him again and he finds out they are pregnant.  They start to spend time together to get to know each other, then sort of start dating.  Becca wants the fairy tale family, but Nick doesn’t think he has it in him to give it to her.  He had tragedy in his life as a kid and his family splintered.  He has no role model of what a father and family is supposed to be.  Can he find the strength to overcome his past and have a future with Becca, or will he set her free because he doesn’t think he’s worthy of her and their babies?

I loved this book!  I started reading and couldn’t put it down.  Both of these characters are scarred from the families they grew up with, but you can’t help but like them.  He’s standoffish when he feels cornered, but so sweet when he lets his guard down.  And she’s sort of meek when she lets her family walk all over her, but you find yourself rooting for her anyway.

** Received free from Nancy to review **


  1. I absolutely love the cover!!! I’ll have to add this book to my long list of books to read!!!

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