** Book Review ** HIS TO CHERISH by Stacey Lynn



A heart wrenching story of learning to live again after great loss.  Very emotional and sad subject matter, with a great supporting cast of characters rallying around.

Chelsea Dwyer came home from work at the middle school where she’s a librarian with every intent of relaxing for a normal evening, but fate had more in store for her.  She will never forget the screams for help that still echo in her head.  Never be able to unsee the pain and heartbreak on so many people’s faces in the aftermath.  Never unfeel the utter devastation she witnessed in that father’s eyes.

Aidan Deveraux’s whole life was his son Derrick.  Just the two of them against the world, so when a horrible accident leaves him alone to deal with life after losing his son, he finds it pretty impossible.  His friends rally around, but he can’t stand to be anywhere, or see anyone that was part of his and Derrick’s life.  The only place he seems to be able to find any peace is at Chelsea’s house.  The person who he has crushed on since he met her a couple of years ago, just happened to be the one who got help for his son.  His final connection to that day.

ARC received via NetGalley



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