** Book Review ** HOW MEG WEST WAS WON by Libby Mercer



A sweet, wholesome story of opposites attracting!

Texan Dutch Hargrave is looking to make some big changes to the way his family’s ranch manufacture’s their product.  He sees Meg West give a demonstration at a meeting he goes to and really wants to enlist her help with rolling out the new methods along with his ranch hands.

Meg West just happens to be desperate to save the Co-Op she has from falling into the hands of a big corporation, so she’s happy enough to jump at the chance to earn the money that will save them by accompanying Dutch to his Texas ranch for a couple of months.

Their ways and lifestyles are totally different, but they both genuinely like the other as they get to know each other.  When her time working there is done, will she be happy to go home to California … or will she feel like she’s leaving her heart behind?

ARC received via Author/VA

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