** Book Review ** HUSBAND ROLLOVER by Louise Cusack



I loved Fritha’s story!  It’s been such fun getting to know this group of four childhood friends who have remained friends throughout their lives.  They come together to support each other through fun, laughter, and pain and always have each other’s backs.  Fritha has always been the wild one, and in this book, we get a peek inside her past that explains her a whole lot more than we ever knew.

Fritha Wynde is all about having a good time and living life for the pleasure you can get out of it!  She’s happy with her dream job of running a teahouse, but when she finds out a notorious bad boy food critic is coming to visit, she’s livid!

Maxwell Banks is known for his irritable attitude and just plain mean demeanor!  He hates Fritha’s teahouse on sight, but as he spends time going through the location with Fritha, he can’t deny that he’s drawn to her.  Through barbed exchanges, they get to know a little about each other and like what they see!  He’s prudish and she’s promiscuous … how can they find a common ground?

ARC received via Author/VA

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