** Book Review ** IN SAFE HANDS by Katie Ruggle



In the latest in her Search and Rescue series, Katie Ruggle brings us a tortured heroine, a sexy as sin hero, and nail-biting suspense as they finagle their way through a wave of crime weaved so deep with deception, they don’t know which way to turn.  Many familiar characters from the past books in the series join the fray and make for a great story.  Really loved this couple!

Daisy Little has lived as a shut-in stuck inside her self-made prison for eight years now.  Her life revolves around a few past times here and there, and watching the world fly by out her bedroom window.  One night she witnesses a crime and sets her world on end.

Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Jennings has been a great friend to Katie, and she adores him.  When she tells him what she saw the previous night, he tries to find answers.  More and more sinister things are coming to light surrounding recent happenings, and suspicion is starting to flare.  Could it actually be one of his own behind this madness?

ARC received via NetGalley

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