** Book Review ** LIVING FAST by Adrienne Giordano



I’ve enjoyed all of the books in the Steele Ridge series so far, but Reid’s story has been my favorite so far.  He’s just this side of arrogant, but his adorable smile makes it okay! Lots of intrigue happening in this one as the bad guys keep coming after Brynne and Reid keeps having to protect her.  Looking forward to seeing more of the Steele family.

Green Beret Reid Steele is really mad that his Army career has ended simply because of a freak accident that left him with a knee injury that puts him out of commission.  He needs a new career, but for just came home to Steele Ridge to lay low and heal a little.

Boutique owner Brynne Whitfield has caught his attention both times he’s run into her since being back, so he sets out to woo her into having a little fun with him, but Brynne’s recently had her heartbroken by a player and certainly isn’t looking to move on to another one.  When her best friend is murdered and she somehow becomes a target of the assailant, Reid steps in to keep her safe. Will their close contact lead to them actually starting to care about each other?

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