** Book Review ** LOVE WALKS IN by Samantha Chase



Such a sweet story!  I felt so many emotions as I read this book  ..  I felt sorrow for their loss, joy to see some of them finding happiness again and awe at the sight of so much unconditional sibling love.  It really must be surreal to have such a big, loving family such as this.  Can’t wait to read more of their stories!

The Shaughnessy family suffered great family tragedy years ago, and they each have dealt with it differently over the years.  Hugh chose to live a strict, regimented life.  Nothing is allowed to be spontaneous, and everything must be planned down to a tee.  When Aubrey Burke busts into his life unexpectedly, she is a breath of fresh air.  She makes him put down the schedule and actually see what living is like for a change.

Aubrey is trying to live her life to the fullest and is tired of the restraints that were placed on her for most of her life.  She wants to have fun, do things, go places, LIVE!

Will these two be able to find a middle ground where she can be free and happy while at the same time he can guard himself from going crazy at the thought of something being out of his control?


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