** Book Review ** LOVING DEEP by Tracey Devlyn



With the continuation of the Steele Ridge series, Tracey Devlyn brings us Britt’s story.  He’s serious and gruff, but also fiercely protective and loyal to those he loves.

Britt Steele is determined to protect the endangered red wolves that are living on his family’s property in the hills of North Carolina.  He had a partner in his mentor and neighbor, but now is only left to deal with her daughter Miranda.

Miranda Shepherd isn’t heartless, and she wishes she could help Britt, but her business is in deep trouble and she needs the funds she will get from selling her Mom’s property abutting the Steele land and helping to protect the wolves.

When a few “accidents” start happening around the property and Miranda, it make Britt suspect something is amiss.  His investigation leads to them finding out a trophy hunting club has set their sites on the wolves … and Miranda!  Will Britt be able to save both of the things he’s grown to care for so strongly?

ARC received via the Author/VA

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