** Book Review ** LUC by J.M. Stewart



A sweet, sexy story of healing and moving forward after great loss!  I enjoyed the characters, I just would have liked a little more of them together at the end instead of skipping forward so much. Overall, a nice read with some nice sexiness to it and a sweet family backing it.  I look forward to reading his brother’s story!

Liz Anderson lost her husband two years ago and moved back home to lick her wounds.  She’s been at a standstill ever since, so her best friend takes it upon herself to drag her out of her rut and make her get out into the world again … in the form of setting her up with a hunky man 10 years her junior!

Luc Rossi is working hard to raise his little girl and to help run the family restaurant and doesn’t have much time for anything else, but when his co-worker sneakily sets him up with Liz, he can’t deny he’s attracted to her in a big way!

Luc offers to teach her how to cook, and opens the door for a sexy fling!  She’s not looking to forget her dead husband, and he’s not looking to get over his ex’s betrayal and trust again, but life has a lot more in store for them than they know.  Will he be able to convince her that moving on isn’t deserting the love she had with her husband?  And will she prove to be a woman worthy of his heart?

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