** Book Review ** LUCY & THE LIEUTENANT by Helen Lacey

Lucy & the Lieutenant


In this second book in her “The Cedar River Cowboys” series, Helen Lacey brings us a sweet story revolving around a battle weary Army vet and his girl-next-door!  She weaves a great tale centering on the horror still living inside this wounded soul’s mind and how the power of love goes a long way in achieving some healing.

Dr. Lucy Monero has been crushing on Brant Parker since she was the teenage girl next door.  He barely knew she existed, but she went on to college, med school, and to live her life, with thoughts of him always in the back of her mind.

Brant spent years in the Army and then suddenly he was out and back in town.  He knew Lucy was interested in him, but he just wanted to be alone and ignored her often … until the day came that she would no longer let him ignore her anymore.

Will Brant be able to dig his way through his demons to open his heart to living again?  And will Lucy finally get that happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming about for so long?

ARC received from the Author/VA.

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