** Book Review ** MARRIED FOR THE TYCOON’S EMPIRE by Abby Green



A fun and easy to read “friends to lovers” type story!

Manhattan construction mogul Benjamin Carter had decided he needs to put an end to the out of control press that is ruining his reputation and putting a crimp in his business transactions, so he sets out to find a wife that will compliment his style. ย When he stumbled upon the daughter of one of his business rivals, he can’t resist choosing her!

Julianna Ford doesn’t believe for a minute that it’s just happenstance that Ben bid one million dollars for a kiss from her at a charity function. ย She thinks he’s up to no good having to do with his previous offer to buy her father’s business.

Ben isn’t used to having a woman walk away from him and turn down his advances, so when Lia attempts to, he pursues her that much harder. ย Will she fall under his spell or will his plan all come crumbling down around him?

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