** Book Review ** MILLIONAIRE UNDER THE MISTLETOE by Stefanie London



Friends to enemies to …. lovers?

To honor her grandfather’s final wish, Stella Jackson is going to spend the month leading up to Christmas at the estate she inherited from him in London.  She can’t stand the cold, dreariness of it there, and would rather be anywhere else, but she loved her grandfather and will do this one last thing for him.

Evan Foss adored her grandfather as well.  He was mentored by him since he was a troubled teen and he helped shape him into the shrewd businessman he is today.  He wants to honor him by making his estate grand again, but first he’ll have to convince Stella to sell it to him.

Stella would rather give it away than sell it to the likes of Evan Foss.  In a moment of chivalry, Evan rejected her years ago and she still has not forgiven him.  When a petty bet is made with the estate being handed over if he wins, Evan sets out to make her enjoy her stay in London.  Close quarters make them both remember the time they spent together years ago … and decide it’s finally time to follow through!

ARC received via NetGalley

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