** Book Review ** NATIVE BORN by Jenna Kernan

Native Born


In this final book of the Apache Protectors series, Jenna Kernan brings us the story of Clyne, the strict, serious Cosen brother, and the family’s fight to get their little sister back into the family.  I really enjoyed hearing more about the back story of their family, and culture and seeing all four brothers come together to embrace and protect their own!

FBI field agent Cassidy Walker isn’t happy to be assigned to protect the man who is trying to take her daughter from her, but she’s always been one to do her job and do it well.  She will keep Apache Tribal Couciller, Clyne Cosen safe if it’s the last thing she does!

Clyne Cosen never appreciates having feds on his reservation, and he appreciates this particular woman even less!  He’s been battling her in court for months to try to get access to get to know their little sister who has been missing from them for years.

As they spend time together and sparks fly, will they ignore their attraction and continue their feud, or will they open their eyes to the connection that’s spinning around them?

ARC received from Author

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