** Book Review ** NAVY SEAL TO DIE FOR by Elle James



This fast-paced read has you jumping from one danger to another with the characters as they hunt for answers to avenge wrong-doings!

A crash landing in the swamp has a SEAL team off and running to keep the crew and passengers on board with them safe as danger lurks.  When shootings starts and danger follows after they think all is clear, they figure out that Stealth Operations Specialist Becca Smith is the one in the cross-hairs.

Becca ran into the SEAL team when she came to their aid while in Mexico investigating her father’s murder.  She’s obviously getting too close for comfort for someone, so they’re now trying to take her out too.  Navy SEAL Quentin “Loverboy” Lovett offers to accompany her on to continue her search for info, and they dodge bad guys and bullets every step of the way.  Will they find the answers that lead them to the assassin, or will evil win?  And when all is said and done, will they be able to walk away from each other after the dust settles?

ARC received via the Author

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